Everything was wonderful – friends, memories, fun, the dinner, the music -  Can’t  wait for 65th! - George Simonian

Seeing friends from yesteryear was wonderful.  The food was excellent.  I would have preferred to hear a
live band.  It would not have cost more money.  Overall, a very memorable evening - John Brighenti

Hey, Let's do 50 more - L. Scott

This was so well done.  Thank you to the planners - Margaret (Peg) Crowley Johnson

So wonderful to renew old friendships.  Next time can we have the names in larger print on our
name tags?  The organizers did a fabulous job - Elaine Karalus Altman

Thanks for a great time down memory lane - Dick Kurnick

Thanks for a fun evening.  Please make pictures & names larger next time - Louis

Thank you for such a great reunion, I'm so glad I came - Sheila Wielgosz Fortin

Very nice party - had a great time.  I am looking forward to the next one, don't wait too long - Jackie

Thanks so much for the momentous occasion - for all your hard work - the delicious dinner and reuniting
with so many friends! - Bob & Kathy May

I had a good time at our reunion.  Thank you for all the committee members did.  Thanks again -Larry Reed

Loved the pizza party on Friday - was a good opportunity to talk to everyone.  Dinner on Saturday was
delicious - perhaps a lighter dessert next time - Ron & Paula Carlstrom

Wonderful reunion!  Great to see everyone - Karen Johnson Googel

See you at the 100th - Darryl Mushero

It was so great to see everyone! - Ida H.

Bigger Name Tags!

Excellent time, thanks! 

I have enjoyed the reunion.  Thanks for all you have done. - Jackie Fiorillo

Thank You All!  Great event, Great Friends, Great Fun - Don Winners

This has been a great weekend.  Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to bring us together 50 years
after NBHS & Pulaski High graduations.  - Dan Kosteva

Thanks to the Committee for a great event - Peter Nuss

Thank you for making this great reunion possible.  It has been great fun - Toby Spector

Great job, guys!  Worth the trip from NC! - Fred Hausman

Thank you for a wonderful time - Nora Thibeault

Thanks for all your good work on this Reunion - Pat Laite

Great job.  Had a great two nights. - Shirley - Pulaski

The reunion was GREAT!!! - Lorraine

Fun Reunion - Paul Gasuk

Always fun to see friends from long ago - everyone looks terrific - Doreen Kindelan

Great to see everyone again - Pat Mozzarello

Wonderful get-together!  Thank you - Danielle Zenobi Long ( Northport, N.Y.)

We should do this again in five years - Deanna Wall Anglovich Farmington, CT.

Glad to see friends on the right side of the grass! Great evening! - Wally Clebowicz

Hard to believe it's 50 years - Joan Anderson Tolis

Great celebration of 50 years - Christine Janowski Chirdon PHS

Great Reunion! So glad to see everyone again - Janet Montenieri

Everything has been great.  My deepest appreciation for arranging a ride for me so I could attend
the 50th reunion. - Jackie Parmenter

A great thanks to everyone who planned the Reunion.  Nice to see everyone - Ellen Deloy Morrissey

Great job plannning this, everything is great and it was wonderful seeing all the people from class of 62. 
One thing that stood out for me, is that now everyone wears glasses.  I always had a big hang up in High
School because I hated wearing glasses! (smile) Thanks for the memories - Jean Moccio Miller

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It was great seeing everyone.  Please, I hope we all get together
in the near, near future.  Sad to see all the deceased friends.  Thank you!!  William Cararini & wife Diane

The committee did a fabulous job on the reunion.  It was great seeing everyone. Hope to come to the next
one - Marilynn  (Lynn) Kasey Pelek

My 1st reunion. Glad I came.  Thanks for making it possible - Miguel Mike Espinosa

Thank you to the whole committee for a "Great" job getting everybody together.  It's my second reunion.
Thanks again - Jean Paul Ayotte

I appreciate all the committee did to make this such a memorable affair.  Thank you all so much - we're
all having a great time - Bernadette Leshinski

Incredible amount of work put into this reunion - it showed a very professional job - Joanne Urbanowicz Marshall

Thanks to the committee for all its hard work - an enjoyable evening reuniting with old friends-Carol Roden Carillo

Thanks to the Committee & all who worked to make this an outstanding time.  It's been most excellent to
re-connect with our classmates.  We need to do something for our 70th Birthdays - Jeff Crown

This was a wonderful 2 evenings.  What a fun reunion.  Thanks so much to the committee for all of their
hard work - it was great - Olivia Colwick Martinchek

Happy to make it to the "50th" - Nancy Rurka Greene

This has been the best time ever - Arlene Murphy

Can't believe it's been 50 years - but this has been great - catching up with old friends -Judy Norton DeVito

This "50" is so great.  I wish I went to the others.  Thank you to my "Class" for making this night
(a dream) possible for me :) - Richard Ahern

Great to be here - Beverly Robinson Davis

Great Job by the committee!  Thank you all!  If one of you is able, set up a "facebook page" for the
class and have contributions on an ongoing basis - David Cohen

The 50th is the best.  So let's do 51st.  Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this a
special day - you more than succeeded - David Spivak

Best regards to the class of 1962 committee for organizing a great event - Mark Rudy

Best of Luck to All- this reunion is great.  It is well organized from the pre-planning to the event itself
& all the little extras.  Thanks so  much - Bob Cohen

I'm so happy to have a chance to come to this reunion.  It's a chance of a lifetime to catch up with old
friends.  What a memorable time - Linda Howe Rielly

These two days have been lots of fun and interesting.  What 50 years brings to our lives.  The committee
did a wonderful job.  Enjoyed - Linda (Blair) Kotyk

So happy to have attended our "50th".  Fun to see old friends and catch up with our lives.  The committee
did a wonderful job in putting this event together.  Thank You - Joann (Grzyb) Minor

I can't believe its been 50 years!  Where did the time go?  Thanks so much for putting together this
wonderful party and providing us with a means to meet old friends!  How else would we ever get to see
each other? - Barbara (Swain) Brigandi

Great time both days - 50 years went by fast - Stan Wieczorek

Surely, this is a great job - Dave Mut

Great work, Committee! - Fun 2 nights - Lynda Guenther Bonato

Great Time - sorry I missed Friday night - Robert Najarian

Wish you the very best, because you only go this way once - God Bless, Ed & Connie Lorence

Great job - wonderful evening - Tony Spasiano

10-27-12 - 50 years ago I never looked forward to the next 50 yrs.  As everyone would say - "the years
just flew by".  NBHS was wonderful and I was sorry to see the class split.  This night was a wonderful
conclusion to all these years.  May God Bless us all & meet in the next 10 years - Sonia Radowych Platosh

It was truly great to see the classmates & rekindle freindships w/memories.  Thanks to the hard work of
the committee members. "Great two nights of events!!!  Looking forward to the next reunion - Bob Bonato 

What a great reunion - Great opportunity to connect with old friend & remember the good times....thanks
to the planning committee...great job - Arlene Dul DeChesser

Thank you for all the hard work - had a great time seeing old friends. :) Jeanie Petuskis

How wonderful to have the opportunity to see old friends.  Wonderful time - Marcia Shaheen Dennis "2012"

This event has been a great success with great attendence.  Many thanks to all who participated in
making it possible - Al Michalowski 2012

This was a great event.  To renew old acquaintices was really special. - Bob Coates

Fabulous!!  Great Time!! We (the committee) got tons of kudos about all that was accomplished - Bill Griffin

A Job Better Than Well Done!  Could A 60th Be a Possibility?  Cheers, Bob Stavinsky

Great Reunion!!  Glad we came!! - Bob & Jackie Butler

Fifty years --- What an especially wonderful day. Best Wishes to everyone - Nancy (Deetsh) Monahan

The planning for our 50th reunion was great!  Thanks to everyone!!  Looking forward to a 60th.  Thanks
again - Ellie (GramItt) LucItti (Pulaski)

The committe did an excellent job.  They should be proud - Paula (Godlewski) & William Darling

Table 15 - Loud, can't think! What? Who needs to think? Will not return for the next 50th

Betty Ann Rogala Migliara - Awesome Job!!

So great to see friends from long ago.  You all are awesome! - Judy Moss

Kathy Golas - Thank you for your hard work in making this happen.  Remember, call me to help with the
75th event - Stan Senk & Ilka

Thanks to all on the committee for all your hard work.  Mark Wentland

'62  Fun time trying to catch up with our friends from the past.  So proud to be at this stage in life!! 
Carol Boissonneault Koller

Great job.  Thank you everyone who planned - Steve Koller

Great job - as a spouse, it is fun to watch all the great interaction!  One small thing - we need 3x5 cards
for name tags to read the print!  Christi Dugolenski  

The Committee did a great job.  New Britain was very good to all of us! - Bob Lindgren

It was great to meet all Bob's friends from high school.  1962 was a great year with lots of good memories.
May we all live long lives!  Kay Lindgren

It was a wonderful evening.  The committee did a great job - Thanks you - Kathy Heath Percival

Suggestion - set-up mechanism for classmates unable to attend to complete a printed form w/message of
regrets to fellow classmates along w/photo(s) of family, house pets, ect.  Set-up special board to
post/display returns for classmates to read.  Bob D

What a lovely weekend!  Everything was first classs!  Armand had been looking forward to this for 50 years-
well worth the wait.  One suggestion - the pictures on the name tags should have been 40X larger!  Everyone
had to pull out their glasses. :) - Armand & Telma Martin

What an amazing fun weekend.  Would not change anything.  Great to be with such wonderful people - Scott &
Jane Ferriss

Thank you to the wonderful committee of friends who made this weekend possible.  My memories of NBHS are
so full of fun events - how special to reconnect with old friends, Judy Carlson Bennett

Alan M Kramer - this for 50 years!

NBHS/PHS 50th!  What a HUGH SUCCESS and such a good time.  Let's do it again soon & not wait too long!
Hats off to the committee! - Jan Sulya Hopper

This has been an amazing experience from all levels.  We made 50 special.  Thanks to our 2 leaders -
Roberta Kramer